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Spanner - Dark Boat (2009)

1. MC Spanner 5:20
2. Out of the Woods 3:25
3. Against the Grain 0:33
4. Dream Catcher 5:32
5. Awakening 0:50
6. Bopaluba 2:36
7. Glitter 1:07
8. Boardwalk 0:54
9. Dark Boat 4:48
10. Moonrise 0:47
11. Breakfast with Mumbles 0:35
12. Stay for Lunch 1:58
13. Moving On 3:28
14. Shivers 0:46
15. Outside In 5:41
16. A Thoughtful Presence 1:28
17. Shadow Dance 4:38
18. Exit 0:56
19. Reflections 4:08

All compositions by Spanner (Rob Power and Paul Bendzsa) except Outside In and Dark Boat, composed by Spanner and Erin Donovan

Liner Notes:

Produced and recorded using the facilities of the Music and Sound Program at The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, 2008. Recorded at the Telus Studio, The Banff Centre.

    Producer - Erin Donovan

    Recording Engineer - John K. Leckie

    Editing Engineer - John K. Leckie

    Mixed by John K. Leckie and John D.S. Adams

    Mastered by Jonathon Stevens

    Artwork - Vida Simon

    Design - Pata Macedo 

Paul Bendzsa - clarinets, saxophones, whistles, piano, toys, kalimba, Moog Prodigy, Yamaha CS-15 analog synthesizer

Rob Power - drums, gongs, cymbals, bells, bowls, rattles, logdrums, kalimba, woodblocks, various tinglies, mirrorphone

Special thanks to Erin Donovan for playing crystal bowls and bells on Outside In

Paul Bendzsa is a teacher, performer, and composer. His collaborations span a wide range of genres and styles, from classical chamber and orchestral music, to jazz and improvisation. Paul also plays with the Blue Rider Ensemble, and with colleagues at the Memorial University School of Music, where he is an Associate Professor.