Instrument Building

Below are photos of some instruments that I have built.
The first two include links to the step-by-step construction process.


Glass Marimba

Built in May, 2013.
Range = F3 - F6

To see how the Glass Marimba was constructed, click here.


Mirrorphone 2.0

Completed in April 2019, using mirror glass, pvc tubing, and maple

Range = C4 - C6, including some quarter tone pitches.

To see how the Mirrorphone was constructed, click here.



This is one octave of mirror glass (C5 - C6), tuned in quarter-tones. That's 25 pitches including the top note. Purpose: unknown.

It is a fun instrument for improvisation, and I have also used it in composed music (though notation is tricky). It is featured on several track's on Spanner's album Dark Boat. Depending on the lighting, interesting patterns occur on the ceiling when you play it. Works well on the beach for self tanning.


Glass Triangle

This is very thick glass that creates high pitches when struck. It has mostly been played by the group JERK, and has been recorded for a piece called Shards, on my new percussion CD, Touch.


Maple Marimba

Though not edible, it makes a great practice instrument. Range = E2 - C7. With no resonators, it's ideal for small apartments as you can pile all of your empty beer bottles underneath.



This was built in the early 90's, inspired by a visit from the Brazilian group 'Uakti'. It used to be many more pitches but I hated moving the big frame so now it has five notes that are tunable by using extensions. The tubing is 2" central vac PVC, and it is played with paddles. Book it today for your next album!


PVC Boobams

Very fun to play, and easy to make with 4" sewer pipe. I prefer unused sewer pipe. I play these often with the duo Spanner (with Paul Bendzsa).


Wind Machine

This one was built in a hurry, using whatever was around, for a performance of Grofé's Grand Canyon Suite with the Newfoundland Symphony. I had to cut up our tent, but camping is overrated. It looks a bit rough, but sounds quite breezy.

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