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Touch - Music for Percussion (2014)

1. Tunnel Mountain (6:19)
2. Untouchable (11:05)
3. Shards (9:32)
4. Woody Island (9:21)
5. Cappahayden (10:31)
6. Amalgamation (10:38)
7. Gray Matter (7:26)

All compositions by Rob Power (SOCAN) except Shards by Rob Power and JERK

Musicians: Rob Power, John. D.S. Adams, Kyle Andrews, Bill Brennan, Kevin Coady, Erin Donovan, Evan Harte, Andrew McCarthy, Whitney Rowe, Ed Squires, Phil Yetman

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MusicNL Classical Recording of the Year 2014

ECMA Classical Composition of the Year 2015 (Tunnel Mountain)

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Liner notes:

Dedicated to the memory of Kate Bride

This recording was made possible by generous funding from The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and Memorial University

Produced by John D.S. Adams and Rob Power

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by John D.S. Adams at Stonehouse Sound

Recorded at Memorial University School of Music

Photography by Andrew Mercer

Design by Sarah Hansen


1. Tunnel Mountain

Rob Power: vibraphone

Kyle Andrews: glass marimba, bass drum, cymbals

Bill Brennan: tuned gongs, crystal bowl

Erin Donovan: glockenspiel, kulintang

Evan Harte: bass marimba

Andrew McCarthy: marimba

Whitney Rowe: marimba

2. Untouchable

Rob Power: marimba

Bill Brennan: marimba

Erin Donovan: vibraphone

3. Shards

Rob Power: glass triangle, shakers

John D.S. Adams: electronic pitch modulation

Bill Brennan: djembe

Kevin Coady: glass triangle, shakers

Erin Donovan: glass triangle, shakers

4. Woody Island

Rob Power: marimba, cymbals, woodblocks

Bill Brennan: vibraphone, crotales, log drums

5. Cappahayden

Rob Power: marimba, toms, cymbals

Bill Brennan: vibraphone, triangles, congas

Erin Donovan: bass marimba, toms, cymbals

Ed Squires: xylophone, crotales, triangles, bongos

6. Amalgamation

Rob Power: log drums, crotales, brake drums, rototoms, cowbells, shakers, wind chimes

Whitney Rowe: woodblocks, crotales, brake drums, toms, shakers, wind chimes

Phil Yetman: log drums, crotales, brake drums, toms, bass drum, shakers, wind chimes

7. Gray Matter

Rob Power: congas, bongos, gongs, temple bowls, triangles, tamborine, rattle, cymbal, bass drum