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Date          Title Instrumentation More Info
2020        Untitled7 PercussionSee below
2020        Fair Haven4 PercussionSee below
2015        Red3 PercussionSee below
2013        Tunnel Mountain7 PercussionSee below
2012        Cappahayden4 PercussionSee below
2010        Woody Island2 PercussionSee below
2006        Untouchable3 PercussionSee below
2006        Patreas15 Ship Horns
2006        At Sea6-8 Ship Horns
2005        Gray Matter1 PercussionSee below
2004        Log Jam8-10 Percussion
2004        Bring it to a Boil10 Percussion
2003        Five Alive5 PercussionSee below
2003        Show Time12 Percussion
2003        Bells About 10 Percussion
2003        Bells of C S M6 Percussion
2002        The Wherry Bird4 Percussion
2002        Drink the Mercury3 Percussion
2001        Artspace III6 Percussion
2000        Shards4 Perc, Electronics
See below
2000        Icebreaker6 Ship Horns
2000        Amalgamation3 PercussionSee below
1997        Ice Dreams4 Ship HornsRecording
1992        Spieler A3 Percussion

Untitled (2020)

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coming soon

coming soon

Fair Haven (2020)

Player 1

Player 2 

Player 3
Marimba (4 8ve)

Player 4
Marimba (5 8ve)

Dedicated to the TorQ Percussion Quartet


Red (2020)

Player 1
Marimba (4 octave)
Almglocken (Eflat)
Temple Bowl (Aflat)
Tuned Gong (Aflat)
2 Cymbals (med, low)

Player 2
4 Tuned Gongs
Almglocken (A#)

Player 3
Marimba 1 (5 octave)
Wind Gong
Almglocken (E)
Temple Bowl (E)
Tuned Gong (D)

Composed for the Saltwater Percussion Trio
(Bill Brennan, Erin Donovan, Rob Power)
Premiered Oct. 22, 2015 in St. John's

Dedicated to the memory of Kjellrun Hestekin


Tunnel Mountain (2013)

(see score for possible substitutions)

Player 1
4 Kulintang:

Player 2

Player 3
Marimba 1 (shared with Player 5)

Player 4
Marimba 2

Player 5
Marimba 3 (shared with Player 3)
Concert Bass Drum and Low Susp Cymbal (shared with Player 7)

Player 6
Tuned Gongs:
Singing Bowl (Ab)

Player 7
2 Susp Cymbals (low, med)
1 Chinese Cymbal (low)
Concert Bass Drum
Glass Marimba

Premiered at the 2013 Torq Percussion Seminar in Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Prize winner in the 2013 Torq Percussion Seminar Composition Competition.

Score                          Recording

Cappahayden (2012)

Player 1
Crotales (low octave)
2 Triangles (medium, large)

Player 2
2 Congas
2 Small Triangles

Player 3
Marimba (shared with player 4)
2 Small Toms
2 Medium Cymbals

Player 4
Marimba 5 8ve (shared)
2 Large Toms
2 Large Cymbals

Premiered at the 2012 Sound Symposium in St. John's, Newfoundland by Rob Power, Bill Brennan, Erin Donovan, and Ed Squires. Cappahayden is an energetic and playful exploration of rhythm and color, written for keyboard percussion, drums, and metallic sounds. It is dedicated to the memory of percussionist and composer John Wyre, who touched many souls with his generous spirit during his long career, and whom I had the joy of spending much time with during his later years in St. John's, Newfoundland. It wasn't until the composition was well under way that I realized that John's influence was apparent in some of the instrumental combinations. More obvious however, is the playful use of 12/8, a meter that John loved to get lost in as both a player and composer, often resulting in an aesthetic that is reminiscent of West African drumming. The piece derives its title from a small fishing village on the southern shore of Newfoundland.

Score                          Recording

Woody Island (2010)

Player 1
Crotales (upper octave)
3 log drums (or other low wood drums)

Player 2
Marimba (5 8ve)
3 suspended cymbalsP
Sizzle cymbal
Tuned Gong (D)
3 temple blocks 

Composed in 2010 for the River Connected percussion duo (Ed Squires, Dan Morphy)
Premiered at the Sound Symposium in St. John's, Newfoundland in July 2010.

Score                          Recording

Untouchable (2006)

Player 1
Marimba (4 octave)

Player 2

Player 3
Marimba 1 (5 octave)

Premiered at the 2006 Newfound Music Festival by Rob Power, Richard Klaas, and Andrew Dunsmore
Winner of the 2006 Millenium Arts Society Composition Competition

Dedicated to the memory of Don Wherry

Score                          Recording

Gray Matter (2005)

One Player:

Medium Gong, 2 bender gongs
3 triangles, crotale (E), small bell
3 temple bowls
1 trashy cymbal, tambourine, rattle
2 congas, 2 bongos, kick drum

Composed in 2005 for D'arcy Gray

Five Alive (2003)


Player 1 - 5 each (in graduated sizes):

One length of copper tubing
One kulintang
One artillery shell
One frame drum

Composed in 2003 for the Scruncheons (Rob Power, Andrew Dunsmore, John Power, Yves Conan, Phil Yetman)
Premiered in Nov. 2003 in Nain, Labrador

Score                          Recording

Shards (2000)

Players 1 - 3
Glass Triangle, 2 shakers

Player 4

Player 5
Electronic pitch modulation

Composed in 2000 for JERK (Rob Power, John D.S. Adams, Erin Donovan, Kevin Coady, Bill Brennan)
Premiered at Aleph Null, Toronto

Amalgamation (2000)

Player 1
2 Logdrums (single tongues)
1 Basket shaker
2 Crotales (low octave - D, B)
Glass chimes
2 Brake drums
Large cowbell (muffled)
Large Bass drum
3 Toms ( upper range)

Player 2
2 Logdrums (single tonges)
2 Basket shakers
2 Crotales (low octave - D#, G)
2 Med. Cowbells (muffled)
Key Chimes
3 Rototoms

Player 3
2 Woodblocks (med., large)
2 Basket shakers
2 Crotales (low octave - C, G#)
Wire hanger wind chimes
2 Brake drums
3 Toms (low to med. range)

Premiered at the 2000 Sound Symposium by Attacca (Rob Power, Romano DiNillo, Greg Hawco)

Score                          Recording