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Spanner - Spanner (2006)

 1. Carnivore 4:20
2. Shmeagul 2:48
3. Mr. Mumbles 5:53
4. After the Rain 4:26
5. Rat Race 3:09
6. Nervous Breakdown 5:24
7. Ascension 7:36
8. Carousel 1:44
9. Tango 2:13
10. Jive 3:50
11. Belly Dancer 4:13
12. Alone Together 7:56
13. Going Somewhere? 3:51
14. Oasis 3:21
15. Insomnia 4:36
16. Wave 5:48

All tracks composed by Paul Bendzsa and Rob Power (SOCAN)

Liner Notes:

produced by Bill Brennan

recorded, mixed, and mastered by John D.S. Adams

photography by Sheilagh O’Leary

layout and design by Sarah Hansen

recorded at the MUN School of Music in St. John’s

additional equipment provided by Rich Blenkinsopp and John Rowe

mixed at Mullock Studio, St. John’s, and Stonehouse Sound, Toronto

mastered at Stonehouse Sound

manufactured by MMS Atlantic

1. Carnivore (4:20)

Paul: clarinet, ARP

Rob: bass drum, logdrums, conga, boobams, gongs, firebells, tambourine, rattle, jing cymbals

2. Shmeagul (2:48)

Paul: ARP, radio, piano, delay unit

Rob: gongs, slit drum, antique cymbals, Noah bells, rattles, key chimes, firebells

3. Mr. Mumbles (5:53)        

Paul: tin whistles, clarinet, prepared sax, vocals, radio, prepared piano, harmonica

Rob: logdrums, gongs, firebells, conga, kang cymbal, bass drum, bud can, bubba can, artillery shells, steel drum, boobams, antique cymbal, jing cymbals

4. After the Rain (4:26) 

Paul: clarinet, prepared piano

Rob: firebells, antique cymbals, gongs, jing cymbals

5. Rat Race (3:09)

Paul: ARP, sax, delay unit

Rob: boobams, slit drum, mirrophone, antique cymbals, metal U’s

6. Nervous Breakdown (5:24)

Paul: prepared piano, sax, shaker, harmonica, toy piano

Rob: bass drum, temple bells, whirlie, conga, gongs, glass chimes, logdrums, metal U’s, frame drum, firebells, kang cymbal, jing cymbals, tambourine

7. Ascension (7:36)

Paul: ARP, clarinet

Rob: gongs, antique cymbals, firebells, Noah bells

8. Carousel (1:44)

Paul: bass clarinet, delay unit

Rob: steel drum, artillery shells

9. Tango (2:13)

Paul: clarinet

Rob: metal U’s, jing cymbals, shaker, frame drums, bass drum, slit drum

10. Jive (3:50)

Paul: sax, prepared piano, vocals

Rob: bass drum, frame drums, cymbal

11. Belly Dancer (4:13)

Paul: bass clarinet

Rob: doumbek, shaker, finger cymbals, gongs

12. Alone Together (7:56)

Paul: ARP, sax

Rob: gongs, Noah bells, firebells, bass drum, logdrums, boobams, tambourine, frame drums

13. Going Somewhere? (3:51)

Paul: bass clarinet, ARP, prepared piano

Rob: gankogui, jing cymbals, gongs, woodblocks, boobams, kang cymbal, temple bowl, Noah bells

14. Oasis (3:21)

Paul: jaw harp, sax

Rob: bass drum, conga

15. Insomnia (4:36)

Paul: bass clarinet, ARP

Rob: gongs, Noah bells, antique cymbals, mirrophone, frame drums, boobams

16. Wave (5:48)

Paul: ARP, sax

Rob: whirlie, gongs

SPANNER is an improvisational musical process between two empathetic musicians, Rob Power and Paul Bendzsa. It is also the name of their duo. This is their debut CD, original compositions, shaped and refined from their experiments, explorations and performances. It is also an audio journal of their journey together over a landscape without visual boundaries or auditory restrictions. There are few expectations but many choices in a process like this, no right or wrong sounds, no definitive scores; the guiding principles seem to come from within and between the two musicians, whose experienced hands, breath and ears guide them through a labyrinth of instrumental timbres, in which conflict and resolution, tension and release duel artistically. These sixteen compositions are the results of their ongoing work, each new piece like a snapshot, an audio print, capturing the flow of fleeting gestures, rhythms, and colour.    

Paul Bendzsa has celebrated his love of music as a teacher, chamber musician and performance artist. His collaborations in a wide spectrum of musical genres range from such classical ensembles as The Atlantic Arts Trio, and The Canadian Saxophone Quintet, to the experimental realms of new music in the interdisciplinary performances of Fusion, the Blue Rider Ensemble, and most recently Spanner. Music on the Fly, an Improvisation Institute in the Black Hills of South Dakota, has for three years provided inspiration and a valuable laboratory for the continuing realization of new music for education and experimentation. Paul has also premiered and commissioned over 40 works of new music, and has composed over 20 compositions for a variety of media, from video to dance and theatre. His woodwind performances on clarinets and saxophones have taken him across Canada, and to the US, Great Britain, Spain, Asia and Australia. Paul is a professor of music at Memorial University, Newfoundland

Rob Power bio here

Bill Brennan, producer - bio here

John D.S. Adams, engineer

John D.S. Adams is a sought after recording engineer, producer, and sound designer, and has worked on a wide variety of projects in film, music and dance. His production credits include recording for the Cunningham Dance Foundation's award winning Beach Birds: For Camera, David Tudor's Neural Synthesis No. 6-9, the last 7 CDs for Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Anton Kuerti’s final Beethoven Piano Sonatas as well as composition/sound design for Barishnykov's White Oak Dance Project. In addition to dozens of independent recordings, Adams has worked with/for the Sony Classical, BMG, Universal, Analekta recording labels, and artists Andy Stochansky, Eve Egoyan, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Kevin Fox and Neil Young. As a performer, Adams has collaborated with some of the great musical pioneers of our time, including John Cage, David Tudor, Pauline Oliveros, Walter Zimmerman and Stuart Dempster. He is currently affiliated with suddenlyLISTEN, F.F.O.B., and JERK.